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If you have actually never ever grabbed anything but a 12 inch ruler in your life, seeing the sort of rulers there are for pattern production can be jarring. There’s a funny looking circular leader, an L shaped ruler, and also a translucent clear one as well. However what are their uses? And how can this make you a better designer? Concern not, as we here at Mood have asked these questions ourselves (at least I sure have!) as well as have an useful overview to aid debunk pattern leaders once and for all!

To start, The Curved Ruler looks almost like your daily 12 ″ inch leader, but with a recognizable curve in the direction of completion. It’s practical to utilize for developing rather curved-straight lines for patterns like trousers, skirts and also producing waists!

The following sort of ruler is The French Contour Ruler. It’s virtually a huge comma, with a bent side that works for armholes! It has definitely no straight edges, as well as is curved throughout. It can additionally be used for necklines, when making a shirt, or for lapels when developing a charming coat.

The Transparent Ruler is quite simple, as it resembles our normal 12 ″ inch leaders we all understand as well as enjoy. The only difference is that this pattern ruler is translucent, which is incredibly practical when preparing patterns, and you require to see where previous markings have been made. The grid lines within this leader is additionally particularly useful, due to the fact that you’ll need to gauge many different elements in pattern making, so this is a need to have!

And last but not least, we have The L Leader. The L leader is marked on both sides, and also is valuable for distributing the hemlines as well as appropriate angles in a pattern. Desire your pant leg to have that 90 degree hem? Procedure it with the L ruler!

As you can see, there can be a lots of various means to use these pattern rulers! There are numerous methods you could locate that some of these devices are multi-faceted, as well as can offer a different purpose than what you originally intended for them.

Simply put, Pattern Rulers GUIDELINE!

So what sort of patterns are you going to produce with this newfound knowledge? Allow me recognize in the comment section below!

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